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Frequently Asked Questions and Advice

Q1. What is halal cake / how do you make halal cake?

A1. Use the normal ingredients you would use to make a cake, however, be sure to use ingredients which are free from ethyl alcohol (this inludes essences/extracts which use ethyl acohol (ethanol) in the process of extraction. Make sure that the ingredients you use, do not use ethyl alcohol as a flavour carrier (manufacturers are not obliged to state this alcohol on their packaging, so you will need to contact the manufacturer!). If you use animal products like gelatin, then make sure that it is from an animal which is prepared using halal methods. Do not cross contaminate non halal and halal utensils, surfaces and food. Dairy products like eggs, milk and butter are fine, cheese or margarine must adhere to the above criteria (or vegetarian cheese, vegetarian whey and rennet can be used) E numbers must be investigated, for instance, certain E numbers are of insect origin, like E120. Glazing agents are another thing you will need to look into, as some labels will not specify which glazing agent is used; Shellac (or E904) is also of insect origin and has crushed lac beatle inside it. You will need to investigate almost every single ingredient you use, and every ingredient within that ingredient; this is painstaking work, but knowledge is power!