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Terms and Conditions

Wedding Cake special discounts
Any discount we offer will not be used in conjunction with any other offer we may have. Discount does not include delivery and setup at the venue. Terms and Conditions below also apply.

As all of our products are individually crafted, there will naturally be slight variations in the final product as with all truly hand crafted products.

A 50% deposit is required on all orders, you can pay in person or we can send you an invoice which can be paid online. This deposit cannot be refunded and forms part of the full payment. For Wedding Cakes the remaining balance will need to be paid at least one week before the pickup/delivery date.

If an order is cancelled, full refund will not be made, as our payment system takes an administrative charge and we often source the ingredients after payment.

As our products are made on demand and fresh ingredients sourced after the order is placed, please place your order well in advance. The longer you give us, the more likelihood that we can accept your order. If you have less time, please do call us anyway, as we may be able to fit you in.

Orders must be collected at an agreed time, we can deliver, but of course there will be a small delivery charge (delivery to B6 Birmingham area is free, as are many other parts of Birmingham).

You are encouraged to check your order, we cannot take responsibility after the handover.

Occasionally, there may be a very slight colour run from dark colours onto fresh cream, this is natural, as we try not to use artificial ingredients if possible, or at least minimize the use of them.

Photo cakes may occasionally develop slight "bubbles" underneath the photo.
Cupcake cases can sometimes peel away from the cupcakes due to a number of reasons.

Designs can vary slightly from photos shown, depending upon toppings used, and because of the difference in ingredients and the sizes of cakes.

An order can only be changed immediately after the deposit is placed, after this, it will be at the discretion of Halal Cakes 4 U if the Customer requests. There may be an extra charge if change is requested at a later date.

Wedding Cakes: Forms will need to be signed by the customer, this will set down what is agreed upon regarding the design of the cake, delivery or collection, Stand Hire and any related matters.

Stand Hire: A Refundable Deposit (this is separate from the Stand Hire charge) will be required from the Customer for the Cake Stand\s. A form (Halal Cakes 4 U - Cake Stand and Accessories Hire Form) will need to be signed by the person/s ordering and returning the stands as proof to the customer and Halal Cakes 4 U.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to bring back the Cake Stand or Stands, their contents and all accessories in good and clean condition and within the agreed time and date. The person returning the Stands must phone Halal Cakes 4 U before returning the Stands.

If the Cake Stand is not returned by the time and date agreed upon in the Halal Cakes 4 U - Cake Stand and Accessories Hire Form, a further £10 per day will be deducted by Halal Cakes 4 U from the Refundable Deposit. Any damage to the stands, missing items or stands returned in an unclean condition will be chargeable and Halal Cakes 4 U will deduct the appropriate fees from the refundable deposit. A refundable deposit is insurance that the stands are returned in good condition to Halal Cakes 4 U.

If Wedding cake is delivered by Halal Cakes 4 U, a family member of the Customer or a person designated by the Customer must be available at the Venue at the agreed time. Halal Cakes 4 U will not take any responsibility for the cake if no one from the Customer’s family or if no designated person is available when Halal Cakes 4 U sets up the Cake. Photos of the cake will be taken by Halal Cakes 4 U as proof of setup and for our records and marketing purposes.

If in the unlikely event that the cake is damaged before setup at the Venue, Halal Cakes 4 U will attempt to remedy the damage and, will partially or fully refund the Customer if the situation cannot be resolved in good time. This paragraph only applies if Halal Cakes 4 U is delivering and setting up the cake at the Venue. The customer normally understands that accidents or vehicle breakdowns can happen at anytime, anywhere.

If Delivery is made by us, we will deliver, set up the cake at your venue and decorate the top of the table with matching petals. The Customer will need to ensure that the table will be able to comfortably accommodate the size of Cake they have chosen and that there is a table cloth on the Cake Table prior to the Cake Setup. We cannot take responsibility if the cake table is too small or unstable to accommodate the Cake. The Customer will have to notify the providers of the venue, informing them of the size of table required for the Cake.

Food Allergies: It is the Customer’s duty to inform us of any allergies they, or people who are going to consume the cake may have. Although we will take care and not to use any specified ingredients, we will use ingredients which, on their packaging, states that they have been produced in an environment which handles potentially allergy causing ingredients like nuts for example. Also note that Halal Cakes 4 U also at times, handles ingredients like nuts, berries etc., occasionally. The Customer must then decide whether to proceed with the order.

When a Deposit is placed, and the forms are signed by the Customer (if order is placed via email, then Customer must indicate that they agree with Terms and Conditions via email to, only then is it deemed an official order.

Due to our Insurance requirements, an appointment is required to be made when you want to visit us, we would appreciate it if the time of appointment can be adhered to, we can only accept 2 visitors per appointment.

Refunds: Due to the perishable nature of cakes, once the process of making a cake, or sourcing the ingredients for it has started, a refund is not possible. A refund may be possible if the customer cancels the order immediately by calling us, in this instance, there will be a refund, minus an admin charge of 5%.

No part of our websites (, and, including cake designs and images can be reproduced. All rights reserved. We reserve the right to upload photos of our designs onto our website and elsewhere.